Synthetic Data Redefines the Test Data Lifecycle May 26, 2021

In traditional Test Data Management, the test data lifecycle is based on the premise that some or all data used for testing is sourced from production. The use of production data requires a strict lifecycle management regimen to ensure test data is continuously: Secure and compliant with all data privacy laws Up to date in terms of its data...

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New Feature Update for April 2021: G-Repository May 19, 2021

In our previous newsletter, we provided part 1 of our update on new features added to GenRocket during the month of April. In this edition we continue that update with a discussion of a major platform enhancement. G-Repository is an important new capability that increases the security, scalability and ease of use of GenRocket’s Test Data Automati...

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New Features Added to GenRocket in April 2021 [Part 1] May 12, 2021

Each month GenRocket adds new features to its Test Data Automation solution to make it the most versatile platform for generating synthetic data for any category of test data automation. Here is part 1 of our April update. We’ll add to this list in part 2 of our monthly update next week. Named Server License Update Software Testers ...

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Introducing Flight School May 04, 2021

GenRocket represents a new approach for realizing the vision of on-demand, self-service test data. It challenges QA professionals to think differently about how to provision synthetic data for meeting any test automation challenge. Up to now, users of the platform would enroll in GenRocket University, take a series of online courses, and get certif...

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