GenRocket Solution Spotlight: Data Combinations Jun 29, 2022

Debugging is a critical step when testing, but testers often run into issues producing the volume and variety of data combinations needed to thoroughly debug programs within a given timeframe. GenRocket’s Synthetic Test Data Solution ensures that dev ops teams always have the volume and variety they need to test as many data combinations as they ...

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Private, Secure Healthcare Test Data – Produced 50x Faster with GenRocket Jun 22, 2022

Vālenz, a tech-enabled healthcare ecosystem optimization platform for the self-insured industry, planned to perform their own data scrub, but it was time-prohibitive to effectively scrub 300,000 records. They needed accurate data that conformed with HIPAA regulations with which to test the next generation of their claims processing platform. W...

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GenRocket Solution Spotlight: Complex Data Feeds Jun 15, 2022

It can take days to provision and mask test data for a single test, and much longer if created manually. Producing controlled, accurate test data for multiple complex data feeds can take weeks or even months. And depending on the nature of the data, parameters may shift and change over time, further delaying testing. GenRocket’s synthe...

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GenRocket Solution Spotlight: Message Data Jun 08, 2022

Event brokers and message queues are used for asynchronous data exchange between core applications and modern cloud and microservices-based architectures. Whether through SWIFT, Kafka, or MQ, moving message packets around is a complex and serious business, especially when billions of dollars are on the line. Systems must be thoroughly tested before...

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Announcing the GenRocket Community! Jun 01, 2022

We’ve saved a seat at the table for you in our new GenRocket Synthetic Data Community! Join your DevOps peers as we share our knowledge and experience using synthetic test data. If you’re a developer, tester, data architect or test engineer, we invite you to join the only community dedicated to advancing the adoption and application of synth...

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