[VIDEO] Powerful New Enhancements from GenRocket Jul 27, 2023

GenRocket has released many new and powerful features over the last two months to expand the capabilities and scalability of its Test Data Automation (TDA) platform. Our solution now offers a single platform for provisioning masked and subsetted production data or synthetically generated data. We’ve created some new videos (and data sheets) to ex...

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What’s New in GenRocket? G-Portal Jul 12, 2023

In our recent announcement, we described how GenRocket now provides a single solution to provision both synthetically generated data and masked and subsetted production data in a single Distributed Self Service Platform. GenRocket is excited to announce the beta release of one of the newest features of this enterprise-class platform, calle...

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New Pricing for Our New Enterprise-Class Self-Service Platform Jul 06, 2023

In May we announced several major enhancements to our Test Data Automation solution that bring enterprise-class scalability and distributed self-service to the GenRocket platform. And with these new capabilities, GenRocket is now a single platform for real-time synthetic data generation combined with production data subsetting and masking. The ...

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