Understanding GenRocket’s Intelligent Test Data Generators Jun 17, 2020

In this week’s newsletter, we focus on a core component of GenRocket’s Test Data Automation solution. Data Generators are the workhorses of the GenRocket component based architecture for generating real-time synthetic test data. They can turn the toughest test data challenge into controlled and comprehensive test data that maximizes test covera...

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GenRocket Delivers End-to-End Security for Test Data Automation Jun 10, 2020

Security is an essential goal for every quality assurance organization as they strive to: Ensure compliance with data privacy laws Avoid a data breach of sensitive information Protect internal systems from unauthorized access GenRocket is the perfect choice for meeting security objectives; Its ability to generate synthetic data a...

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Navigating GenRocket’s Industry-Leading Data Formatting Capabilities Jun 03, 2020

One of the most flexible aspects of GenRocket’s component architecture is the ability to render test data in any output format. That allows QA teams to design test data for any database environment, file structure or data interchange standard by simply selecting the required Data Receiver for use with any Test Data Scenario. Ge...

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