What’s New in the GenRocket Platform Aug 25, 2021

Here is a brief summary of the top new features and enhancements recently added to the GenRocket platform. You can access a full description in our knowledge base by clicking on the “Learn More” button below. Selective Test Data Case (G-Case) Download The Selective Test Data Case Download feature may be used to select one or more G-Cases with...

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You + GenRocket Aug 24, 2021

Hi, Just wanted to let you know you’ll be receiving an email tomorrow from G2, asking you to review GenRocket’s Synthetic Test Data Solution. We’ve partnered with G2 to collect reviews from our most valued customers, like you. No pressure, of course, but it would be a huge help if you participated. Leaving a review only takes a few m...

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GenRocket’s Approach to Synthetic Data Generation Aug 11, 2021

Intense interest in synthetic data was initially triggered by the need for data variety and volume in software testing. Now it’s accelerating with new applications in ETL, Big Data analytics, IoT, and machine learning. When synthetic data is used for software testing, there are two very different approaches: A synthetic data replica is pr...

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New Technology Ensures Test Data Consistency Aug 04, 2021

Testing today’s complex multi-tiered systems requires quality test data for many diverse types of application environments. They include real-time messages exchanged between API-connected subsystems, complex data feeds from external systems, and referentially intact data tables queried from back-end databases. GenRocket is unique in its abilit...

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