How Developers Use Synthetic Data for Accelerated Unit Testing Feb 23, 2022

As Agile and DevOps teams shift left, developers are playing a more prominent role in software quality and testing. Performing software testing earlier in the SDLC allows defects to be detected when they are faster and easier to correct. Unit Testing is the earliest stage in the software release pipeline where software defects can be caught and eli...

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How to Design and Generate Complex Synthetic Test Data Feb 16, 2022

In GenRocket’s Test Data Automation platform, Test Data Scenarios are used to define the synthetic data needed for testing. By representing a single data domain, Scenarios operate as simple and scalable building blocks for designing and generating any volume or variety of synthetic data needed for automated testing. GenRocket provides a struct...

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G-Repository: The Engine That Powers Lifecycle Management Feb 09, 2022

The quality of any software test is only as good as the quality of the data used for testing. High quality test data must always be fresh, accurate, and up to date reflecting any changes to data structure or data relationships. Keeping test data continuously synchronized with the target application and data environment is one capability where Ge...

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Sharing the Value of Synthetic Test Data Automation Feb 02, 2022

We’ve received many requests for a one-page summary of GenRocket and the power of synthetic test data automation. So, we created this quick reference guide to capture the essential elements of the GenRocket story – the company, our advanced technology, typical use cases, key features, and proven customer benefits. Use this Quick Reference Guide...

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