Integrated information systems and the data that flows across them aren’t static. So why should your test data be? Test data should be generated dynamically depending on the condition and state of data required at that moment or stage in the testing process. Accurate, controlled data that is dynamically generated in real time is far more useful for complex test environments than static data that is copied from a production environments or static data that is created in spreadsheets.

Testing complex, integrated systems is significantly more efficient when data that meets all test case requirements can be generated dynamically. For example, testing new account opening where the data needs to match very specific rules and conditions across many related applications. In this example not all data values, such as the new account numbers, are known at the start of the testing flow, so some of the system data values need to be retrieved or generated dynamically as part of the testing process.

GenRocket’s dynamic data architecture allows data generation decisions to be made in real time during a test run and newly created system data values, such as account numbers, can be queried and blended with synthetically generated data in real time. The typical alternative to GenRocket dynamic data generation is slow, front-end batch processing which forces testing teams to wait and limits their ability to test complex applications.

Dynamic Data – Handles Changing Data Conditions with Ease

GenRocket Dynamic Data Generation

Dynamic Data Generation

Replace static data with the ability to “design and generate” the data you need when you need it. With GenRocket, there’s no need to reserve and refresh a large and cumbersome test dataset from production. Instead, a light-weight Test Data Case is executed in real-time by a test case delivering exactly the right volume and variety of data to a test case in your automated test environment.

GenRocket Dynamic Workflow Testing

Dynamic Workflow Testing

GenRocket’s dynamic data can be generated as part of a workflow, making data decisions that adapt to the applications being tested. GenRocket makes it easy to think outside the box to generate dynamic data for an unlimited range of complex test requirements. Dynamic data is generated in real time, allowing you to support on-the-fly decisions within your test cases so you can increase your test coverage and test in less time.

GenRocket Say Goodbye to Manual Data

Say Goodbye to Manual Data

There’s no need to augment a test database with manually created data to fill the data gaps. GenRocket’s intelligent automations can dynamically make decisions about all the data permutations needed to fully test all valid data combinations for a given test case.

GenRocket Easily Test New Functionality

Easily Test New Functionality

Developers often add new functionality to existing code before there is any production data available for testing. And when new business rules need to be tested, existing production data doesn’t always cover these new scenarios. GenRocket can dynamically produce synthetic data in any volume, variety, condition and format to meet any new test data requirements.

GenRocket Dynamic Data

  • Delivers test data that is unavailable in production data copies
  • Controls test data generation based on rules & conditions
  • Allows dynamic data decisions during a live test, accelerating test cycles
  • Integrates test data directly into test automation frameworks in real time

Dynamic Data: An Example

Developers building and testing apps know that systems and data aren’t static – dynamically generated data can help to test every parameter and data exchange among systems interacting with the new app.

To create an insurance policy premium estimate, for example, data from many different systems is required such as customer systems, agent systems, insurance coverage systems and pricing systems. Attempting to pull production data copies from all these systems to simulate data combinations for every test case is a challenge. And, when dynamic data decisions need to be made as part of the testing workflow – such as whether or not a customer chooses monthly payments or annual payments – a dynamic vs. static test data solution is needed. GenRocket allows dynamic data decisions to be made, in real time, as part of the testing workflow, increasing coverage and reducing test data prep time and test cycle time.

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