New Feature Update for April 2021: G-Repository

by admin on May 19, 2021

In our previous newsletter, we provided part 1 of our update on new features added to GenRocket during the month of April. In this edition we continue that update with a discussion of a major platform enhancement. G-Repository is an important new capability that increases the security, scalability and ease of use of GenRocket’s Test Data Automation solution.

G-Repository is the latest use of intelligent automation in the GenRocket platform. It’s a set of components that manage the downloading, updating, and deleting of all GenRocket Instruction Sets and Configuration Files (e.g., Scenarios and Test Data Cases) that are modeled and designed in GenRocket Cloud.

G-Repository Component Architecture

G-Repository automatically synchronizes the downloading and updating of test data instruction sets and configuration files associated with a given Test Data Project in GenRocket Cloud. And when Scenarios and Test Data Cases are run, operational statistics are captured by G-Repository Server and sent up to GenRocket Cloud to be displayed in G-Analytics.

G-Repository Server synchronizes updates to Scenarios and Test Data Cases across all G-Repository Clients to ensure the consistency and accuracy of test data for each Test Data Project version. With G-Repository, sophisticated test data projects can be easily scaled across large and distributed Dev & QA organizations.

G-Repository enhances GenRocket security:

  • Instruction set and configuration file downloads and updates are automatically sent through the corporate firewall to G-Repository Server via an https connection using TLS 1.2
  • Users no longer connect to the Internet to download instruction sets and configuration files
  • Users no longer connect to the Internet to do a license check
  • Test Data can be generated in the On Prem environment without an Internet connection

G-Repository Server can only be set up by the GenRocket Org Admin. Our support team is here to help Org Admins set up G-Repository Server but to get started there is extensive documentation that steps through each component and its capabilities. The chart below contains a list of topics ready for review.

G-Repository Overview

We encourage Org Admins to learn more about G-Repository. It represents a major step forward in the security, scalability and simplification of the GenRocket Test Data Automation platform.

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