Designing Dynamic Data for Complex Workflow Testing - Newsletter Aug 26, 2020

The need for workflow testing touches every industry segment and requires test data that accurately simulates the dynamic nature of information processed according to business rules. Here are just a few examples of complex workflows: Credit card transactions Loan origination services Electronic funds transfers Insurance claim process...

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What’s New in GenRocket Aug 19, 2020

Did you know we are continuously adding new capabilities to the GenRocket platform? It’s true. As customers request new features, we are constantly evaluating, prioritizing and integrating them into our Test Data Automation solution. Here are three platform capabilities we’ve enhanced during the last three months. Some of these may be famili...

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How to Use Synthetic Data to Maximize Test Coverage Aug 12, 2020

Maximizing coverage is the goal of every QA organization. It’s the key to avoiding defect leakage and ensuring high quality software is released to production. A strong focus on test case design at each level of Agile testing is essential to validating code and finding defects. There is also growing awareness for the role synthetic test data c...

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The Age of Synthetic Test Data has Arrived Aug 05, 2020

The use of synthetic data for software testing to add to, or replace, production data is not a new concept. However, the misperception about synthetic data being limited to randomized, non-realistic data is gradually disappearing. Many QA professionals are now integrating real-time synthetic test data generation with test automation tools to improv...

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