Included with all GenRocket Editions

  • Training for all users via GenRocket University
  • Knowledge Base access to over 850 help articles
  • Virtual Private Cloud Hosting with 7 X 24 X 365 monitoring and maintenance
  • 24 hour software support 5 days a week
  • New product features and enhancements added daily
  • New technologies supported (industry standard, non-custom components)
  • Not included in the GenRocket Software License:
    • Professional Services
    • Deployment Services
Edition Name Group Professional EnterPrise
Annual Named User Price
$1,000 $1,500 $2,500
Monthly Named User Price $125 N/A N/A
Purchasing Method Credit Card Only Invoice Invoice
Minimum # of Licenses 1 5 5
Maximum # of Licenses 10 50 Unlimited
Maximum # Projects
5 25 Unlimited
Maximum # Project Versions 3 5 Unlimited
Project Version Frequency Monthly Daily Daily
Speed of data generation 10,000 rows per second 10,000 rows per second 10,000 rows per second
Maximum Data / Scenario 1 million rows Unlimited Unlimited
# Data Generators 652 652 652
Self Service Test Data Group Professional EnterPrise
Maximum # of Test Data Cases 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum # of Test Data Rules 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum # of Test Data Queries 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum # of Test Data Stories 25 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum # of Test Data Epics 15 Unlimited Unlimited
Hosting Options Group Professional EnterPrise
Virtual Private Cloud Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Private Cloud No Yes* Yes*
On Premise No Yes* Yes*
Core Features Group Professional EnterPrise
Referential Integrity Yes Yes Yes
Data Masking / SDR Yes Yes Yes
Organization Variables Yes Yes Yes
Runtime API Yes Yes Yes
REST API Yes Yes Yes
G-Migration Pro No Yes Yes
GMUS/Multi User Server No Yes Yes
DATA FORMATS / RECEIVERS Group Professional EnterPrise
Data Formats / Receivers 75 75 75
Partition Receivers No Yes Yes
Group Professional EnterPrise
Salesforce Yes Yes Yes
INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Group Professional EnterPrise
X12 EDI Management No No Yes*
HL7 Management No No Yes*

* = added cost ask for pricing
GenRocket is licensed on a per “named user or named server” basis.

Named Users:

  • We use the term “named user” because GenRocket users are usually software testers and software
    testers sometimes change jobs and roles so the named user can be reassigned in the GenRocket system to a new named user during the license period.
  • Named users access the GenRocket hosted system – for example the Virtual Private Cloud (see dia
    gram below) to create test data Projects where they create test data generation Scenarios that will generate test data for different software testing test cases. To access the Virtual Private Cloud the named user needs to be a valid, registered user in that system.
  • When the tester is ready to generate test data the encrypted Scenario is downloaded from the
    Virtual Private Cloud to a local machine that has the GenRocket Runtime installed on it. When the test data generation Scenario runs there is a license check and as long as the license is valid the Scenario runs and test data is generated.
  • Some Named users have a desktop and a laptop machine for their work. This structure is fine as
    long as the test data generation Scenarios are only run on one or the other machine at a time and never two machines associated to the same named user at the same time.

Named Servers:

  • We use the term “named server” because sometimes a testing automation server has the
    GenRocket Runtime installed on it so that it can run test data generation Scenarios. Any “named server” that is executing GenRocket Scenarios to generate data needs to be registered in the GenRocket system. When the software tests run on the automation server and call the GenRocket test data generation Scenarios to generate data there is a license check that validates the “named server”.
  • We use the term “named server” because testing automation servers are sometimes changed so the named server can be reassigned in the GenRocket system to a new named server during the license period.