Test Data Solutions for Insurance

A major insurance company asked GenRocket to help them eliminate their test data bottleneck by generating real-time synthetic test data for testing a variety of insurance applications serving individuals and families as well businesses and organizations through a nation-wide network of brokers and advisors.

They were using a traditional TDM platform that was expensive, complicated and simply not getting the job done. Their goal was to identify a new and different test data provisioning and test automation process that was faster, easier, and less costly. They also wanted to integrate this process with a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline.

Using GenRocket’s Test Data Generation platform, they were able to meet all of their test data challenges and realize the following important benefits:

  • Generate test data for any application in real-time
  • Streamline the development process in a CI/CD pipeline
  • Automate the process to generate and consume test data
  • Find an easy and cost-effective replacement for their TDM

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