X12 EDI Test Data Automation – Live Demonstration

GenRocket recently presented a live demonstration of its X12 EDI Test Data Automation solution to a major US insurance provider. The company’s QA team identified 3 use cases that were critical for testing their core claims processing systems. The demonstration of its TDA platform was intended to be a precursor to a formal Proof of Concept (POC).

CEO Garth Rose provided an executive summary of the solution and its ability to accelerate the test data provisioning process while improving software quality. This was followed by a live demonstration of the target use cases conducted by a GenRocket solutions architect.

The following video excerpts are taken from a recording of this presentation and live demonstration. They include an executive summary of GenRocket’s X12 EDI platform, a brief introduction to a 3-part demonstration, and synthetic test data solutions for the 3 business use cases identified by the provider’s QA team.

The first excerpt is an executive summary of GenRocket’s TDA platform and its X12 EDI solution for provisioning comprehensive synthetic test data for insurance claims processing.

The second excerpt provides a quick introduction to the GenRocket X12 EDI dashboard and how testers can quickly and easily create test data projects with pre-configured transaction sets. These transaction sets are based on XML Schema Definition (XSD) files downloaded from the Washington Publishing Company (WPC), the official publisher for all X12 EDI documented standards.

The next segment is part 1 of a 3-part demonstration. It illustrates a test data project based on the 837I transaction set for an institutional claim. You will see the simplicity of creating and customizing pre-configured X12 EDI transaction data with full access to its loops and segments. GenRocket provides an easy to follow tree view of the data allowing testers to check or uncheck segments that are needed for a given test case.

The next segment is part 2 of the live demonstration and features a use case with two claims submitted to the same provider. It illustrates the task of configuring two consecutive loops, each with separate subscriber and associated claims information.

The final segment is part 3 of the demo and features an automobile accident claim within the family of 837I (institutional) transaction sets. You will see the ability to add segments representing accident claims information, including the ability to blend accurate ICD-10 codes queried from a production data source.

These solution video segments provide a high-level introduction to the power of the GenRocket Test Data Automation platform to rapidly provision comprehensive and 100% secure synthetic test data that is fully compliant with the X12 EDI standard with complete control over data volume and variety.

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