Synthetic Data Redefines the Test Data Lifecycle Jun 30, 2021

In traditional Test Data Management, the test data lifecycle is based on the premise that some or all of the data used for testing is sourced from production. The use of production data requires a strict lifecycle management regimen to ensure test data is continuously: Secure and compliant with all data privacy laws Up to date in terms of i...

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How Synthetic Data Delivers Quality at Speed in Financial Services Jun 23, 2021

One of the hottest trends in software quality assurance is the use of synthetic data to augment or replace production data for testing core applications. In regulated industries, like financial services, synthetic data eliminates the risk of exposing any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that might be contained in a production database. ...

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How a Single Bug Can Trigger a Massive Outage Jun 16, 2021

The Guardian recently reported a massive Internet outage affecting many prominent websites including Amazon, CNN, Hulu, The New York Times as well as their own online news site. The outage lasted for 1 hour, taking down major websites, and leaving millions of online visitors with nothing more than an obscure message: “Error 503 service unavailabl...

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DB2 Support Added to G-Migration+ Jun 09, 2021

With GenRocket’s G-Migration+, testers are able to intelligently query a source database to produce a data subset, replace sensitive data values with synthetically generated data values, and insert the data subset into an identical destination database using the same format and data model. G-Migration+ already supports Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL an...

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Understanding the Rocket Science Behind GenRocket Jun 02, 2021

In this week’s GenRocket Advisor, we offer insights and information to help you better understand the rocket science behind GenRocket’s synthetic test data generation platform. We invite you to listen to a very informative conversation with technology executive management consultant George Hamblen in the latest edition of the pod...

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