GenRocket Solution Spotlight: Synthetically Generated Form Data Jul 28, 2022

Forms are ubiquitous in financial services and healthcare. In these heavily regulated fields, digital forms are required in many instances, and must accurately capture pertinent information. But there are a few challenges to provisioning test data for simulating these use cases: Many companies lack the test data volume and variety to con...

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5 Steps to Get Started with Synthetic Test Data Jul 20, 2022

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…” So goes the old proverb, but when it comes to GenRocket, what’s the “single step” to get started using synthetic test data? Is there are right (or wrong) way to begin using GenRocket’s Synthetic Test Data Automation platform? With GenRocket, you control the type of synthet...

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GenRocket Solution Spotlight: Load and Performance Test Data Jul 13, 2022

An important part of the quality assurance process is testing how a system behaves under varying load conditions – testing response time, resource usage, stability, and scalability. But what if your test data management systems fail to deliver enough quality data for thorough load and performance testing? Skipping steps in the QA process ...

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[Live Event] QA 101 What Iz Software Testing? Jul 07, 2022

Join Us at the QA Qoffeeshop with George Hamblen Take a seat at the QA Qoffeeshop with industry leader George Hamblen as we have a fun and fact-filled lookback at the origins of software testing and how they evolved to modern QA best practices. George will put the industry into perspective and explain the impact of synthetic data on the world of s...

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