Support for Docker Containers and Other New Features Oct 27, 2021

Docker is used to package an application and its required resources in a light-weight virtual container that can run on any Linux, Windows or MacOS computer. Docker is often used to shift premise-based applications to the cloud and is supported by most of the leading cloud computing environments like AWS, MS Azure and GCP. Now the Ge...

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Cucumber Integration Now Available for Beta Test Oct 20, 2021

Cucumber is the most popular testing framework for Behavior Driven Development (BDD) for a reason. It allows product owners, developers, and testers to collaborate on the value and acceptance criteria for new software features in a fast paced Agile/DevOps environment. ...

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The Power of Augmenting Production Data with Synthetic Data Oct 06, 2021

Test data sourced from production is real, accurate data that has been masked and delivered to a test environment for automated testing. The test dataset will typically contain production data that matches test case requirements as well as production data that does not match test case requirements resulting in a test data gap. With GenRo...

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