X12 EDI Test Data Solution Accelerator

GenRocket provides an X12 EDI Test Data Automation solution that generates comprehensive EDI transaction data such as EDI 837, EDI 835 and EDI 834 on-demand. Using the GenRocket platform, any tester can quickly provision controlled, clinically accurate, and secure test data for any category of automated testing, enabling QA teams to:

  1. Improve the accuracy of submitted claims and payments
  2. Ensure the privacy of patient data with synthetic data
  3. Fully automate the healthcare administrative workflow

Powerful and flexible self-service modules in GenRocket’s EDI test data solution enable the rapid provisioning of comprehensive EDI transaction data for validating the complex workflows and business logic used by insurance claims processing systems. The ability to blend clinically accurate enumerated data (e.g. CPT and ICD 10 codes) with secure and controlled synthetic data allows QA organizations to fully test EDI applications without compromising patient privacy.

The EDI test data solution accelerator includes:

  1. Pre-built automations to accurately configure a project for an entire X12 EDI transaction set (e.g. 837, 835, 834) in less than 10 minutes
  2. Pre-built transaction examples (e.g. an 837 ambulance claim, emergency room claim, or chiropractic claim) that are ready run after slight modification using your implementation guide
  3. Self-Service modules (Test Data Cases and Test Data Rules) that allow testers to quickly, easily and securely test EDI transactions at an unprecedented level

GenRocket’s X12 EDI solution generates test data for any category of testing:

  • Positive and negative testing
  • Range and boundary testing
  • Data permutations and combinations
  • Workflow testing across multiple API’s
  • Synthetic data to ensure patient privacy
  • Production data to inject real-world data values
  • High volume data for load and performance testing


To learn more about how GenRocket enables an unprecedented level of testing for X12 EDI transactions, download our comprehensive EDI Test Data Automation Solution Guide.

The solution guide fully explains the self-service capabilities used to accelerate the test data provisioning with ready-to-run Transaction Examples that can be tailored for any EDI test environment.

QA organizations responsible for testing insurance claims processing applications are invited to schedule a demo or request a Proof of Concept (POC) to evaluate the solution in their own environment.

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