New Feature: G-Graphics Jul 28, 2021

GenRocket is continuously enhancing the user experience for its Test Data Automation solution. Our goal is to simplify the way users increasingly interact with GenRocket’s sophisticated capabilities as part of a streamlined self-service test data platform. Our latest enhancement is a significant step forward called G-Graphics, a powerful visua...

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New Feature: XTS Management Wizards Jul 21, 2021

In GenRocket, the first step a test data engineer or data architect takes when designing synthetic data is to model the data environment used by an application under test. GenRocket has many ways to help you to model your data. In fact, there are 10 different ways to set up a data model into the GenRocket platform, depending on your requirements. ...

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Maximizing the Security and ROI of Test Data Management Jul 14, 2021

This week we published a new web page detailing the many security provisions that have been designed into the GenRocket platform. This information will provide security officers and business stakeholders with a solid understanding of GenRocket’s secure hybrid cloud computing environment and how it delivers unmatched data privacy and security for ...

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