Data Refresh: Part of a Seamless Transition to Test Data Generation Oct 30, 2018

As QA departments introduce Test Data Generation (TDG) into their testing environment, they will need to support legacy Test Data Management (TDM) functions that are in place to manage their test data. One of these functions, data refresh, is necessary to keep test data current so it reflects any changes that have been made to the production databa...

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A Secure Test Data Solution for Financial Services Companies Oct 10, 2018

A global payment processing and Point of Sale (POS) technology company serving small, medium and large-scale businesses was looking for a secure and fully automated test data solution for their application testing. The company processes over 79 billion transactions annually for ecommerce and point-of-sale environments in 118 countries. As a ...

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Automating CI/CD Pipelines for Insurance Industry Applications Oct 01, 2018

IT executives must overcome many challenges as they strive to continuously enhance their applications, reduce time to market, improve quality, and control cost. Movements like DevOps, Agile, CI/CD and an assortment of automation tools are designed to provide answers for these challenges. At the center of the discussion is Jenkins, an open source...

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