Secure Cloud Transformation in Healthcare May 25, 2022

The cloud transformation in healthcare is in full swing, pushed by many marketplace forces accelerating the transformation. To ensure the safety of PHI, synthetic data offers a speedy and cost effective way to test APIs and platforms. In this week’s article, we share with you our thoughts on this transition and the potential security r...

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Case Study: Training a Machine Learning Algorithm with Synthetic Data May 18, 2022

A new case study features a particularly interesting challenge for our synthetic Test Data Automation platform, but one that GenRocket was able to handle with ease. Supermarkets and grocery stores generate an enormous amount of data, but privacy laws restrict its use. One major financial services company considered how credit card data could be ...

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Hear CEO Garth Rose Interviewed on Automation Hangout May 11, 2022

GenRocket CEO and Co-founder Garth Rose was recently interviewed on the popular podcast series Automation Hangout by George Ukkuru, AVP - Quality Engineering, DevOps & SRE at Marlabs, Inc. These two industry experts covered a wide range of topics on Test Data Management with a focus on many new and innovative use cases for synthetic data. ...

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The ROI of Synthetic Test Data Automation – Part 2 May 04, 2022

Last month we published an ROI analysis that measured the cost savings from test cycle time reduction realized by deploying synthetic test data automation to multiple DevOps teams. The analysis showed that depending on the number of teams deployed, savings from the cycle time reduction alone can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars per yea...

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