Your launch pad to GenRocket success!

Flight School is your launch pad to start using the GenRocket platform. Flight School is designed to provide you practical and applicable knowledge of how to use GenRocket. Courses are designed for each type of roles on the platform. Flight School is structured around the GenRocket Methodology for Test Data Automation (TDA) Deployment: Model, Design, Deploy and Manage

What Is Flight School?

Flight School is a self-guided learning portal for GenRocket. Flight School provides training the way people learn best – through examples, real world use cases, and more.

Features of the New Flight School

  • Curriculum designed to focus on training through example
  • Classes based on the GenRocket Methodology of Model, Design, Deploy and Manage
  • Lesson groups aligned with typical enterprise organization structures
  • Usage and progress reporting for customers and channel partners
  • Self-Registration and account management

Who Will Benefit from the New Flight School?

  • Test Data Engineers
  • Developers and Testers
  • Channel Partner Sales
  • Value Stream Managers
  • GenRocket Power Users
  • Organization Administrators
  • Executive Stakeholders

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