Introducing Flight School

by admin on May 04, 2021

GenRocket represents a new approach for realizing the vision of on-demand, self-service test data. It challenges QA professionals to think differently about how to provision synthetic data for meeting any test automation challenge. Up to now, users of the platform would enroll in GenRocket University, take a series of online courses, and get certified in the use of GenRocket’s extensive capabilities. Now we’ve streamlined and simplified the learning process.

GenRocket Flight School

Introducing Flight School, a new on-demand virtual learning environment for anyone who wants to understand the concepts, operational steps, and best practices for using GenRocket’s Test Data Automation solution. Flight School provides easy access to a rich media learning library of instructional videos, how-to articles, real-world examples, and frequently asked questions. Visitors can choose a learning path, follow a Flight Plan, and view lesson materials at their own pace and according to their own interest level and learning objectives.

We released the first Flight Plan for software testers / quality engineers this week. The basic lesson plan teaches everything a new user needs to know to get up and running quickly in GenRocket. The training modules can be completed in sequence or easily navigated to enable fast access to specific reference materials.

We hope to release the next intermediate lesson plan for software testers / quality engineers in two weeks. We will also add new Flight Plans for other roles such as Data Architects and Managers in the weeks and months ahead.

If you want to check out Flight School and its first Flight Plan, click the link below. It’s designed for anyone who is new to GenRocket and wants to begin their journey into the exciting world of Test Data Automation to accelerate software testing and maximize the quality and efficiency of the entire test automation process.

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