Test Data Solutions for Financial Services

A global payment processing company serving small to large-scale businesses was looking for a secure and fully automated test data solution for application testing. The company processes 79 billion transactions annually for ecommerce and point-of-sale environments in 118 countries.

As a financial services firm, it was essential they comply with the new GDPR security regulations affecting any company doing business in the European Union (EU).

The QA team was looking to replace an inefficient process for test data provisioning with a highly secure, fully automated process. Data preparation was taking approximately 6 hours to complete and was being repeated every 2 weeks. This slowed the pace of testing and hindered the effectiveness of their software quality assurance operation.

GenRocket provided a solution replacing the use of manual and production data with real-time synthetic test data based on data models and using GenRocket’s data Generators and Receivers to integrate with their test automation framework. This reduced a six-hour data generation process to just a few seconds and allowed the team to move from a manual process to a “zero touch” process.

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