Moving from Test Automation to Intelligent Automation Apr 29, 2020

Test automation succeeds because it leverages technology to perform repetitive testing procedures at high speed and without human intervention. Human intelligence is needed to design the test, but once configured, they can be run at high speed and on a predefined schedule for as long, or as often, as required. Test data provisioning must benefit...

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Expanded Java Support Added to the GenRocket Ecosystem Apr 08, 2020

The GenRocket Ecosystem is the end-to-end operating environment for supporting all of the functions of the GenRocket Test Data Automation platform. It’s a secure, scalable and adaptable framework that is based on a modular, component-based architecture. The GenRocket Ecosystem includes two major system elements: GenRocket Cloud: A secure web-b...

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Global Tire Manufacturer Fully Automates Integration Testing with GenRocket Apr 01, 2020

Integration testing is a methodology for testing the behavior and data interchange between multiple connected applications. It’s a complex and critical component of an overall application test plan for detecting integration issues and ensuring the accurate flow of information between systems. Integration testing presents a particular challenge...

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