Solution Spotlight: The GenRocket Multi-User Server Jan 29, 2020

In this week’s GenRocket Advisor, we focus on the GenRocket Multi-User Server, or GMUS. This powerful feature provides a centralized environment that allows multiple testers to share the GenRocket platform as a streamlined self-service solution. Once setup and configured, GMUS relieves testers from having to learn and operate the GenRocket user i...

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Using GenRocket’s API to Maximize Code Coverage Jan 23, 2020

Maximizing code or test coverage is a universal goal shared by most quality assurance organizations. Whether measured as a quantitative metric or tracked as a more intuitive assessment, coverage represents the concept of fully testing an application under real-world conditions to find as many defects as possible prior to its release to production. ...

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Case Study: Automotive Parts Retailer Jan 08, 2020

In this edition of the GenRocket Advisor we focus on the test data challenges and solutions confronting a major auto parts retailer that leverages information systems to meet the growing threat of ecommerce competition. By strategically adding stores, increasing parts availably and providing superior customer service, they are successfully ma...

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