For more than ten years, GenRocket’s founders have worked to deliver enterprise class test data functionality at a great value. While traditional Test Data Management solutions can cost millions of dollars to purchase and implement, GenRocket’s Test Data Automation starts at just $55,000 per year.

Ten Reasons Why GenRocket is a Tremendous Value:

1. Low Starting Price

Low Starting Price - GenRocket
GenRocket software licenses start at $55,000 USD per year. Traditional TDM systems can cost $1,000,000 or more. Enough said.

2. No “Nickel and Diming”

No Nickel and Diming - GenRocket

GenRocket is a full-featured enterprise class test data platform and so our license bundles include just about every feature you need to deliver test data for just about any test data use cases. No extra charges for this and that. No surprises.

3. We don’t charge for the Volume of Data

We don’t charge for the Volume of Data - GenRocket

The purpose of a test data platform is to provide a LOT of data. Any volume, any variety of data, in any format, for any use case. At GenRocket, we don’t believe in charging you for how much data we deliver.

4. Hosting is either Low Cost or Free

Hosting is either Low Cost or Free - GenRocket

GenRocket Virtual Private Cloud hosting is fully secure on AWS (SaaS) and is available at no cost. All data is generated rapidly and securely in your On Prem and/or Private Cloud environment. No expensive server purchases, no chargebacks from the DevOps team.

5. Low Data Storage Costs

Low Data Storage Costs - GenRocket

GenRocket’s architecture requires very little in the way of data storage costs. For large, traditional TDM projects, data storage costs can run $500,000 or more. GenRocket test data is generated in real time for each test case and usually doesn’t need to be stored after the test has run.

6. Training is Free

Training is Free - GenRocket

GenRocket developed “Flight School” to provide training for all users of the GenRocket platform. While many traditional TDM platforms have lengthy, expensive training courses, we don’t believe in charging our customers to learn how to use GenRocket.

7. Maintenance & Updates are Free

Maintenance & Updates are Free - GenRocket

GenRocket hosts, manages, maintains, and updates the GenRocket platform daily, weekly, and monthly. Unlike many traditional TDM systems, GenRocket does not charge for software maintenance & updates.

8. New Components are Added for Free

New Components are Added for Free - GenRocket

GenRocket currently offers over 700 data Generators and almost 100 data Receivers (data formats). New Generators and New Receivers for industry standard use cases are added for our customers upon request, for free.

9. Support is Free

Support is Free - GenRocket

GenRocket offers 5 X 24 support via our global support team. Our customers tell us that we are responsive and that we share tips and help articles that will quickly solve a wide variety of test data challenges. Customers also have access to over 1,000 knowledge base articles and a GenRocket Community Forum.

10. A Low Cost “Center of Excellence” (CoE) Model

A Low Cost “Center of Excellence” (CoE) Model - GenRocket

GenRocket’s “Synthetic Test Data CoE” model allows a small test data center of excellence team of test data engineers to cost-effectively support large, distributed teams of developers and testers. GenRocket’s test data portal brings self-service efficiency to the test data workflow process.

The Industry’s Best Return on Investment

These are all ways GenRocket delivers the most advanced synthetic test data automation platform with the lowest cost of ownership. Now let’s translate that value into the industry’s highest rate of return on investment.

As you deploy GenRocket to a growing number of scrum teams across your organization, you’ll see a dramatic reduction in test cycle time with a corresponding increase in test coverage. As more teams deploy the technology, the benefits realized from test acceleration and coverage will compound.

GenRocket can help to accelerate cycle time by a factor of 10X or more. That allows you to reduce the labor costs for testing and increase the number of tests run during every sprint. Our research estimates that time savings at about 50 hours per team per year. For enterprises with hundreds of scrum teams, that time savings can translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

By doubling or tripling your test coverage, GenRocket can cut your defect rate in half. This eliminates many of the costly hours of development time need to fix bugs. For large enterprises with millions of lines of code, the annual savings from defect reduction can be in the millions of dollars per year.

GenRocket Integration

If you’d like to learn more about how we developed these estimates, read the ROI analysis.

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