Why TDA is the Future of TDM Sep 28, 2022

When something completely ground-breaking enters the market, it can be hard to describe it. Imagine the early days of the automobile. Calling it a ‘horseless carriage’ was as close as people could come to describing this new, miraculous machine that could get them safely and quickly from one place to another – without relying on horses. When ...

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More Than Just Automation – GenRocket Provides Intelligent Automation Sep 21, 2022

“Intelligence” doesn’t usually describe the process of automation. But as with many aspects of GenRocket, the two words do fit together to perfectly describe many features of the GenRocket platform. Throughout the four stage GenRocket lifecycle – Model, Design, Deploy, and Manage – Intelligent Automation makes the entir...

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GenRocket’s Enterprise Scalability Software Rollout is Underway Sep 14, 2022

Last week we announced our enterprise scalability strategy for deploying GenRocket’s synthetic Test Data Automation platform across a global DevOps environment. We also published an Executive Brief containing our recommended approach for global and automated synthetic data delivery. Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing some existing...

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GenRocket Enterprise Scalability: Synthetic Test Data Automation on a Scale Never Seen Before Sep 07, 2022

If you’ve followed GenRocket’s progress over the years, you’ve noticed a recurring theme: we never settle for the status quo. This includes shattering preconceived notions about how Test Data Management should happen in a large organization. Instead, we’ve built a platform that serves the needs of test engineers, testers, and developers ...

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