Why TDA is the Future of TDM

by admin on Sep 28, 2022

When something completely ground-breaking enters the market, it can be hard to describe it. Imagine the early days of the automobile. Calling it a ‘horseless carriage’ was as close as people could come to describing this new, miraculous machine that could get them safely and quickly from one place to another – without relying on horses. When a paradigm shift comes along, we are challenged to think differently about the status quo. This was true with the arrival of the personal computer and the smart phone. We all had to reimagine the way we integrated new technology in our daily lives.

A similar paradigm shift is taking place in Test Data Management. Traditional TDM is evolving to become Test Data Automation (TDA) and GenRocket is leading this technology evolution.

The Future of TDM

It can be challenging for developers and testers to wrap their heads around something as uniquely powerful as GenRocket. Many of the commonly accepted limitations of test data provisioning just don’t exist in GenRocket’s TDA platform. It’s enterprise scalability, adaptability, and flexibility place it in a class by itself.

How GenRocket Redefines Traditional and Synthetic TDM

Unlimited Volume, Variety, and Format

GenRocket enables developers to access an unlimited amount of synthetic test data in the volume, variety, and format required for any test case. Unique data can be generated based on the specific rules and requirements – regardless of what’s in the production database itself.

Dynamic Data

Systems aren’t static. Why should data be? GenRocket’s data changes state with the workflow, making it as close to actual conditions as possible while fully covering every use case scenario.

Fast Data Provision Time

How long are you waiting for your test data to be provisioned? Hours? Days?
With GenRocket, 100% secure and accurate synthetic test data is available in seconds. In fact, in the time it takes to read this sentence…you could have generated thousands of lines of synthetic test data on-demand and in real-time.

Direct CI/CD Test Case Integration

Traditional TDM systems usually fall short of meeting the challenge of delivering fresh data for every test case with the exact volume, and variety of test data needed. GenRocket’s uniquely flexible architecture enables fresh, accurate test data to be delivered on demand into any fully automated CI/CD pipeline.

View the Full Comparison

We didn’t want to make this email too long, so we put together a comparison chart to help you compare GenRocket with Traditional TDM and Synthetic TDM. Look at GenRocket side-by-side with other TDM tools and see for yourself why GenRocket’s TDA represents the future of TDM

Once you’ve seen it this way, it’s hard to unsee it. GenRocket is truly in a category by itself: powerful enterprise-class scalability, dynamic data in any volume, variety, and format, direct CI/CD pipeline integration, and unparalleled value for money.

Click the link below for a complete comparison of GenRocket TDA, Traditional TDM and Synthetic TDM.

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