New Pricing for Our New Enterprise-Class Self-Service Platform

by admin on Jul 06, 2023

In May we announced several major enhancements to our Test Data Automation solution that bring enterprise-class scalability and distributed self-service to the GenRocket platform. And with these new capabilities, GenRocket is now a single platform for real-time synthetic data generation combined with production data subsetting and masking.

The announcement detailed the industry’s most advanced test data provisioning technology and represents the future of Test Data Management.

GenRocket Distributed Self-Service Platform

With GenRocket’s new platform, a small team of Test Data Engineers can deliver an unlimited supply of test data to meet the unique requirements of any test case in support of dev and test teams located anywhere around the world.

The expanded platform is powered by 7 enterprise scalability features that leverage new forms of intelligent automaton to accelerate testing, increase test coverage, and improve team productivity.

The new components added to GenRocket’s modular system design work to:

  • Streamline the modeling and design of controlled and conditioned synthetic data
  • Enable the combined the use of masked production data with synthetic data
  • Dramatically accelerate the provisioning of test data to distributed teams
  • Automate the delivery of test data directly into CI/CD pipelines
  • Organize and synchronize all versions of test data projects
  • Track and report utilization metrics to measure value outcomes

These new enterprise scalability features are detailed in the diagram below.

GenRocket New Enterprise Scalability Features

You can learn more about the power of these technology enhancements on our website.

While the new pricing represents an increase in our software licensing fees, GenRocket continues to offer the highest value for money of any comparable test data management platform. That’s because the GenRocket solution delivers an unmatched return on investment and includes many economic benefits not found in similar offerings.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited test data
  • Included client onboarding and training
  • 5×24 online support and Customer Success Manager
  • Included software maintenance and updates
  • No infrastructure cost required for test data storage

The new pricing will be published on our website and take effect on July 15, 2023. It’s important to note that customers under an existing software licensing agreement will have their current pricing fully protected for the remainder of their contract period and have full access to the new platform capabilities right away.

GenRocket Certified Partners are encouraged to contact their GenRocket sales team at to obtain the new price list and learn about its provisions. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns and excited to introduce and support the adoption and expansion of this exciting new technology.

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