New Feature: G-Graphics

by admin on Jul 28, 2021

GenRocket is continuously enhancing the user experience for its Test Data Automation solution. Our goal is to simplify the way users increasingly interact with GenRocket’s sophisticated capabilities as part of a streamlined self-service test data platform.

Our latest enhancement is a significant step forward called G-Graphics, a powerful visualization layer for navigating the many components of a GenRocket Project and its related data structures. With G-Graphics, anyone with the appropriate permission level can view the complete tree structure of a Project, from its highest level of organization (e.g., Projects, Project Versions, Teams) down to the lowest level of detail (e.g., the Generators used for specific Attributes and specific G-Cases (Test Data Cases) within a G-Case Suite).

GenRocket G-Graphics

G-Graphics allows testers to see the data relationships in a Test Data Project at-a-glance. Seeing data relationships makes testing complex applications much easier for testers.

As organizations expand the breadth and depth of their test data project library, G-Graphics will be an invaluable tool for locating the precise design component needed to solve a test data challenge, in the most efficient way possible. Just think of finding any location in the world with the help of Google Maps, and you will understand the power of G-Graphics.

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