New Feature: XTS Management Wizards

by admin on Jul 21, 2021

In GenRocket, the first step a test data engineer or data architect takes when designing synthetic data is to model the data environment used by an application under test. GenRocket has many ways to help you to model your data. In fact, there are 10 different ways to set up a data model into the GenRocket platform, depending on your requirements.

One of the most powerful and popular ways to model your data is to use GenRocket’s Extract Table Schema, or XTS capability. With XTS, GenRocket can retrieve one, many or all table schemas from a given database by connecting to it via JDBC. The extracted schema is then saved to an encrypted file and imported to the GenRocket web application.

XTS Management Wizards

Fast setup of test data projects in GenRocket has always been a priority. XTS Management Wizards have now been released to accelerate the process of establishing referential integrity and mass-editing the Generators, Receivers and Scenarios within any test data project.

Thanks to XTS Wizards, test data project modeling in GenRocket has never been faster. If you want to check them out, you will find XTS Wizards in the Project Dashboard as a new Self-Service option. But before you do, read all about them in our comprehensive knowledgebase article. You can even preview some additional XTS Wizards that are coming soon.

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