Maximizing the Security and ROI of Test Data Management

by admin on Jul 14, 2021

This week we published a new web page detailing the many security provisions that have been designed into the GenRocket platform. This information will provide security officers and business stakeholders with a solid understanding of GenRocket’s secure hybrid cloud computing environment and how it delivers unmatched data privacy and security for GenRocket’s Test Data Automation (TDA) solution.

This innovative approach allows testers and developers to create test data designs in a secure AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), download test data designs over a secure connection protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS), and generate real-time synthetic data based on those designs safely behind the corporate firewall in the customer’s on-premise facility.

Virtual Private Cloud

GenRocket’s SaaS-based solution is more secure than the approach used by traditional Test Data Management (TDM) systems for copying test data directly from a production database. And from a financial perspective, the GenRocket approach provides a lower cost of ownership and delivers a far superior ROI. Here’s a comparison of the costs associated with GenRocket TDA versus traditional TDM.

GenRocket TDA Cost Factors

We’ll be discussing the many ROI benefits of Test Data Automation in a future newsletter. In the meantime, we invite you to review our new security page to learn about this advanced architecture and its many security provisions. There is also a detailed security checklist that describes each security feature and the threat protection it provides.

Read the overview of GenRocket Security here:

Download the GenRocket Security Checklist here:

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