Cucumber Integration Now Available for Beta Test

by admin on Oct 20, 2021

Cucumber is the most popular testing framework for Behavior Driven Development (BDD) for a reason. It allows product owners, developers, and testers to collaborate on the value and acceptance criteria for new software features in a fast paced Agile/DevOps environment.

GeRocket Cucumber

We have many customers using Cucumber in combination with GenRocket synthetic test data generation. At their request, GenRocket has developed an integration that streamlines the use of synthetic data for Cucumber testing.

Here’s how it works:

  • Cucumber feature files are created using the Gherkin “Given/When/Then” syntax
  • Step definitions are written to define executable test code for each test case
  • A GenRocket “Test Data Case” is invoked by a command embedded in the test code
  • Synthetic data is dynamically generated and injected into the AUT during test execution
  • Test results are reported by Cucumber, or one of its many reporting plugins
  • The entire sequence can be scheduled and triggered by Jenkins in a CI/CD pipeline

GenRocket has developed a new capability called G-Feature File to provide Cucumber environments with a fully automated workflow. It allows testers or developers to design the precise synthetic test data needed for each test case and dynamically generate the data during testing.

G-Feature File is now in beta test, and we are looking for additional beta sites to help us refine and finalize the implementation. Our goal is to provide the most powerful integration with Cucumber in the simplest and most streamlined solution available.

Would you like to explore becoming a beta site for G-Feature File? It’s an easy process. Just send us an email describing your test environment and target use case. If we fit your requirements, we’ll schedule a discovery meeting and a live demo of G-Feature File. Then we’ll develop a beta test plan to assist you during the process.

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