Automating CI/CD Pipelines for Insurance Industry Applications

by admin on Oct 01, 2018

IT executives must overcome many challenges as they strive to continuously enhance their applications, reduce time to market, improve quality, and control cost. Movements like DevOps, Agile, CI/CD and an assortment of automation tools are designed to provide answers for these challenges.

At the center of the discussion is Jenkins, an open source automation tool that automates theContinuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process to provide a streamlined application development pipeline.

A major insurance company asked GenRocket to help them eliminate their test data bottleneck by generating real-time synthetic test data for testing a wide variety of insurance applications serving individuals and families as well businesses and organizations through a network of brokers and advisors.

They were using a traditional TDM platform that was expensive, complicated and simply not getting the job done. Their goal was to identify a new and different test data provisioning and test automaton process that was faster, easier, and less costly. They also wanted to integrate this process with their Jenkins CI/CD pipeline.

The GenRocket solution for Jenkins is both easy and seamless:

  • Jenkins can call the GenRocket Engine
  • The GenRocket Engine runs a Scenario to generate the data
  • Jenkins can consume the test data

GenRocket Integration with a Jenkins Automation Framework:

  • GenRocket Scenarios can be called via an automation framework.
  • The GenRocket API can modify GenRocket Scenarios in real time for each test case.
  • Based on the automation framework data requirements (i.e. CSV files, databases, etc.) GenRocket can populate the required sources with data so they can be used by the test cases.

We have prepared a case study describing the GenRocket solution for Jenkins CI/CD pipelines. We hope you review the document and we invite you to contact us at any time to discuss your next software testing opportunity for insurance companies – or any industry with similar test data requirements.

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