Data Refresh: Part of a Seamless Transition to Test Data Generation

by admin on Oct 30, 2018

As QA departments introduce Test Data Generation (TDG) into their testing environment, they will need to support legacy Test Data Management (TDM) functions that are in place to manage their test data. One of these functions, data refresh, is necessary to keep test data current so it reflects any changes that have been made to the production database.

With GenRocket, data refresh becomes easy and automated with the help of data model driven test data generation. The approach is straight forward: Import the current data model for the given application and then generate (refresh) the data any time, even when there are changes to the data model.

Performing a data refresh with GenRocket’s TDG platform allows testers to realize the full benefits of real-time synthetic test data in their QA operation:

Test Data Speed: Provisioning test data on-demand at the rate of 1000’s of rows/second
Test Data Quality: Precise control of the data subset with patterned and conditioned data
Test Data Security: Eliminating personally identifiable information (PII) from the data
Cost and Simplicity: Reducing the dependency on costly and cumbersome TDM systems

With GenRocket, data refresh becomes a function that bridges the gap between the TDM model of managing and archiving a master copy of the production database and the TDG model in which test data is generated whenever its needed and discarded when it’s not. It allows the two worlds to gracefully coexist while the testing organization makes a transition to the more efficient approach of continuous testing with real-time synthetic test data.

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