Synthetic Data Redefines the Test Data Lifecycle

by admin on Jun 30, 2021

In traditional Test Data Management, the test data lifecycle is based on the premise that some or all of the data used for testing is sourced from production. The use of production data requires a strict lifecycle management regimen to ensure test data is continuously:

  • Secure and compliant with all data privacy laws
  • Up to date in terms of its data structure and formatting
  • Refreshed after each test and returned to its original state

Test Data Lifecycle

Now many organizations, especially in financial services, are mandating the use of synthetic data for testing to ensure data privacy. Synthetic data brings a fresh approach to managing the test data lifecycle and significant changes to traditional test data management.

It leverages the power of Test Data Automation to accelerate the process. It unlocks the flexibility of designing synthetic data to meet any testing challenge. And it removes the requirement for masking and managing sensitive production data during the provisioning process. Read our blog article to learn how synthetic data redefines the test data lifecycle.

GenRocket Launches Flight School

When QA professionals first experience the power and versatility of GenRocket, they are introduced to a whole new approach for provisioning on-demand test data using a self-service platform. GenRocket allows any tester to design and generate synthetic data for solving any test data challenge. Now we’ve streamlined the process for learning how to model, design, deploy and manage synthetic test data solutions using GenRocket.

GenRocket Flight School

Flight School is an on-demand virtual learning environment for anyone who wants to understand the concepts, operational steps, and best practices for implementing Test Data Automation. Flight School provides easy access to a learning library of instructional videos, how-to articles, real-world examples, and frequently asked questions. Visitors can choose a predefined learning path by following a structured Flight Plan or they can view lesson materials at their own pace, based on their interest level and learning objectives.

We will be expanding the variety of flight plans and the depth of course materials each month as we build out this comprehensive training and onboarding resource. You can check out Flight School by clicking the link below. It’s designed for anyone ready to begin their journey into the exciting world of Test Data Automation to accelerate software testing and maximize the quality and efficiency of the entire test automation process.

Synthetic Data Delivers Quality at Speed in Financial Services

One of the hottest trends in software quality assurance is the use of synthetic data to augment or replace production data for testing core applications. In regulated industries, like financial services, synthetic data eliminates the risk of exposing any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that might be contained in a production database.

However, synthetic data offers many other benefits when generated by GenRocket’s Test Data Automation (TDA) platform. Comprehensive synthetic test data can be designed and generated on-demand to accelerate cycle time, increase test coverage, and reduce the overall cost of test data management.

Synthetic Data Delivers Quality at Speed

Here’s the real-world experience of one global financial services organization…

GenRocket’s synthetic test data solution helped us increase our regression testing coverage from 30% to 80% and provided a wider range of code coverage paths for our systems under test. At the same time, we reduced our testing cycle time from 16 days down to 2 hours.

Our latest blog post explains how this QA team is using synthetic data to maximize coverage by designing and generating all possible data combinations and permutations when testing an account origination application.

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