Solution Spotlight: The GenRocket Multi-User Server

by admin on Jan 29, 2020

In this week’s GenRocket Advisor, we focus on the GenRocket Multi-User Server, or GMUS. This powerful feature provides a centralized environment that allows multiple testers to share the GenRocket platform as a streamlined self-service solution. Once setup and configured, GMUS relieves testers from having to learn and operate the GenRocket user interface to provision real-time test data for their test operations. Instead, testers use the GenRocket API from within their applications and testing tools to launch pre-configured Test Data Scenarios that are executed by GMUS.

Through the use of RESTful web services or TCP/IP Socket requests, GMUS enables seamless integration with automation frameworks like Jenkins, tools like Selenium and home-grown testing automation platforms. GMUS allows QA organizations to implement Test Data Automation for a large team without impacting the behavior of the testing staff or their operational procedures.

GenRocket Capabilities – What’s New
There are some exciting new features we’ve already added to the GenRocket platform in the new year. Here is a summary of the top 3 and a link to our knowledgebase to learn more.

Install GenRocket in a Custom Location
To make installation and operation more flexible, we’ve updated the GenRocket Engine so users can easily change the setup folder to a different folder or even a different drive.

Proxy Settings for GenRocket Runtime
We have added the ability for the GenRocket Engine to use a Proxy Setting if you use a Proxy Server to connect to the Public Internet.

New Admin Role Without a License
Now administrators who do not require access to the Projects created in GenRocket or need to generate test data can assign licenses, team permissions, and reports without the requirement to have a user license.

There’s More…

We have recently crossed the 250 mark for the number of Generators in the GenRocket platform. And we just added three more Generators to bring the total number of Generators to 253.

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