Using GenRocket’s API to Maximize Code Coverage

by admin on Jan 23, 2020

Maximizing code or test coverage is a universal goal shared by most quality assurance organizations. Whether measured as a quantitative metric or tracked as a more intuitive assessment, coverage represents the concept of fully testing an application under real-world conditions to find as many defects as possible prior to its release to production. That’s because fixing a code problem in production represents 5 times the cost of fixing it during the testing phase.

Test automation supports increased coverage by greatly improving software testing efficiency, allowing more tests to be run in a shorter span of time as test procedures are executed, repeated and continuously improved. To be fully effective, test automation tools require Test Data Automation (TDA) technology to produce the volume and variety of data needed to fully validate code.

The GenRocket API is a powerful TDA capability, It allows any test case to dynamically modify GenRocket Test Data Scenarios to generate real-time synthetic test data (and queried production data) in all variations and combinations needed to reproduce real world conditions and maximize coverage. Learn about this powerful capability in our latest blog post, knowledgebase article and solution video.

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