How Developers Use Synthetic Data for Accelerated Unit Testing

by admin on Feb 23, 2022

As Agile and DevOps teams shift left, developers are playing a more prominent role in software quality and testing. Performing software testing earlier in the SDLC allows defects to be detected when they are faster and easier to correct. Unit Testing is the earliest stage in the software release pipeline where software defects can be caught and eliminated before they progress to later stages.

GenRocket Unit Testing
Unit testing is the most frequently performed category of testing making it an ideal candidate for automation. Tools like JUnit, NUnit and TestNG have become popular frameworks for automated unit testing and these tools operate even more efficiently when combined with GenRocket’s Test Data Automation (TDA) technology.

In our latest blog article, we’ll explain how developers can automate synthetic data generation for unit tests integrated into a CI/CD release pipeline. We’ll provide a simple example of how GenRocket’s Test Data Generation engine can be called during test execution and generate synthetic data to validate code during automated Unit Testing.

Learn how GenRocket enhances the developer experience by accelerating the Unit Testing process as it ensures the highest quality code. The benefits of high-quality unit testing will compound as the components of an application are integrated into complete systems and released to production at a faster pace and with fewer defects.

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