Designing Dynamic Data for Complex Workflow Testing – Newsletter

by admin on Aug 26, 2020

The need for workflow testing touches every industry segment and requires test data that accurately simulates the dynamic nature of information processed according to business rules.

Here are just a few examples of complex workflows:

  • Credit card transactions
  • Loan origination services
  • Electronic funds transfers
  • Insurance claim processing
  • EDI supply chain transactions
  • Airline and hotel reservations

Provisioning test data for workflow testing is difficult. If a production database is subsetted, copied and masked for testing purposes, there is little control over the variety of data and the ability to conduct positive, negative, combinatorial and boundary value testing is limited; this causes limitations on test coverage.

Fortunately, the GenRocket platform was designed to meet this difficult test data challenge with a comprehensive self-service test data automation portal. GenRocket enables the design and on-demand generation of dynamic test data for any form of workflow testing.

GenRocket can generate test data that is dynamic, stateful, rules-based, and allows real production data values to be combined with controlled and secure synthetic data values to maximize coverage. Learn about the industry’s most comprehensive test data solution for complex workflow testing.

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