How to Use Synthetic Data to Maximize Test Coverage

by admin on Aug 12, 2020

Maximizing coverage is the goal of every QA organization. It’s the key to avoiding defect leakage and ensuring high quality software is released to production. A strong focus on test case design at each level of Agile testing is essential to validating code and finding defects.

There is also growing awareness for the role synthetic test data can play in maximizing coverage. It allows a more exhaustive, data-driven approach based on synthetic data that is purposefully designed for each test objective and generated on-demand during test execution.

Properly designed synthetic test data can increase coverage from under 50% to over 90% when provisioned by an advanced Test Data Automation system.

In our latest blog post, we present strategies every tester can use for designing test data that maximizes coverage for any type of test. Learn how to use the GenRocket Methodology to design comprehensive synthetic test data containing all possible variations, combinations and permutations needed for positive and negative test cases that fully exercise code.

When test data is DESIGNED during an Agile sprint, integrated with a test case and generated on-demand by automated test procedures, the full power of Test Data Automation is leveraged to maximize coverage and quality.

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