Expanded Java Support Added to the GenRocket Ecosystem

by admin on Apr 08, 2020

The GenRocket Ecosystem is the end-to-end operating environment for supporting all of the functions of the GenRocket Test Data Automation platform. It’s a secure, scalable and adaptable framework that is based on a modular, component-based architecture. The GenRocket Ecosystem includes two major system elements:

GenRocket Cloud: A secure web-based application used by QA teams to model their Test Data Scenarios and manage their Test Data Projects.

GenRocket Runtime: An on-premise runtime used for downloading and executing Test Data Scenarios and generating test data on-demand during test operations.

GenRocket Ecosystem

To make our platform even more adaptable, the GenRocket Runtime has just been updated to support multiple versions of Java JDK. In addition to our previous support for Java 1.7, the runtime engine now supports releases 1.7, 1.9, 1.10. 1.11, 1.12, and 1.13 (Java 1.8 is not supported at this time).

You will find this information packaged in a new and more comprehensive description of the GenRocket Ecosystem. It explains the role and relationship of the many components that comprise the platform and also serves as a helpful resource for customers and prospects.

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