Moving from Test Automation to Intelligent Automation

by admin on Apr 29, 2020

Test automation succeeds because it leverages technology to perform repetitive testing procedures at high speed and without human intervention. Human intelligence is needed to design the test, but once configured, they can be run at high speed and on a predefined schedule for as long, or as often, as required.

Test data provisioning must benefit from the same level of automation as test operations.

Through a series of thought-leadership articles to be published on the GenRocket blog, we are about to shine a bright light on the concept of Intelligent Automation.

Here’s our definition of Intelligent Automaton:

Intelligent automation expands the power of traditional test automation through the addition of intelligent test data provisioning, a model for self-service provisioning that includes these four intelligent capabilities:

  • Designing the precise dataset needed to meet test objectives and maximize coverage
  • Capturing that data specification as an executable synthetic test data configuration file
  • Executing configuration files to generate test data while automated tests are running
  • Enabling team collaboration and lifecycle management of all test data specifications

In Part 1 of the series, Moving from Test Automation to Intelligent Automation, we take a closer look at the concept of intelligent test data provisioning using GenRocket’s of Test Data Automation (TDA) platform.

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