GenRocket Delivers End-to-End Security for Test Data Automation

by admin on Jun 10, 2020

Security is an essential goal for every quality assurance organization as they strive to:

  • Ensure compliance with data privacy laws
  • Avoid a data breach of sensitive information
  • Protect internal systems from unauthorized access

GenRocket is the perfect choice for meeting security objectives; Its ability to generate synthetic data and replace sensitive production data with controlled synthetic data as a data masking alternative is well documented. Now our platform architecture has been fully vetted and validated as a secure end-to-end system for deploying Test Data Automation.

Virtual Private Cloud - Ecosystem

As QA organizations replace manual testing with automation, the ability to design and execute tests from anywhere is becoming increasingly important. A secure environment is mandatory for test operations conducted with outsourced services. And for companies implementing a work-from-home program, ensuring end-to-end security is a prerequisite.

To help our partners fully understand GenRocket’s security controls, and to provide customers with a document that explains our secure environment, we commissioned a formal security evaluation of our platform. A comprehensive assessment was conducted by Carole Fennelly, a security consultant certified as a CHP, CISM and CSCS with more than 35 years of hands-on experience in information security and technology.

Please download and review this informative report and use it whenever customers raise a question or concern about GenRocket’s security controls. You will find it to be an industry-leading solution.

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