GenRocket Solution Spotlight: Synthetically Generated Form Data

by admin on Jul 28, 2022

Forms are ubiquitous in financial services and healthcare. In these heavily regulated fields, digital forms are required in many instances, and must accurately capture pertinent information.

But there are a few challenges to provisioning test data for simulating these use cases:

  • Many companies lack the test data volume and variety to conduct thorough testing within acceptable cycle times.
  • The process of manually creating form data or provisioning production data for form testing is very slow, and can lead to protracted project timelines.
  • Negative testing is also especially difficult to conduct but essential for thorough system testing.

GenRocket Form Data

The solution – GenRocket Synthetically Generated Form Data. In our latest GenRocket Solution Spotlight, we share with you an overview of why synthetic form data produced by GenRocket’s platform is a faster, better way to create test data – and ensure use cases are tested thoroughly.

The PDF also contains a link to a video demonstration of how GenRocket solved a synthetic test data challenge for bank checks.

GenRocket Synthetically Generated Form Data Demo

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