On-Demand Customer Briefing and Information Resources

by admin on Feb 22, 2021

In case you missed last week’s Enterprise Product Announcement and Customer Briefing, here’s an on-demand recording of the full information-packed session. It provides a presentation by Garth Rose, Co-founder and CEO, and a live demonstration by Hycel Taylor, Co-founder and CTO.

We’ve also assembled some helpful resources so you can better understand this new level of enterprise functionality and scalability.

Here is a summary of some new and relevant resources:

  • Relevant Blog Posts:
  • New Enterprise Features Brochure
  • Self Service Knowledge Base Articles
  • We hope this information serves as a helpful guide for expanding your deployment of GenRocket’s Test Data Automation platform. Let us know if there are additional resources that would help you better understand the full power and potential of self service synthetic test data. As always, we are ready to help you to realize the full value of your GenRocket deployment.

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