GenRocket Delivers Test Data Automation with Enterprise Scalability

by admin on Feb 17, 2021

New Platform Offers Self Service Provisioning of Comprehensive Synthetic Test Data to Enable the Next Level of Agile and DevOps Evolution
GenRocket has expanded its Test Data Automation (TDA) solution to become the industry’s most advanced and scalable platform for self service synthetic test data provisioning. Its latest software release adds several key components to its patented technology for generating real-time synthetic test data with full referential integrity.

Several recent studies examining the state of Agile and DevOps evolution have identified three key challenges facing QA teams as their organization undergoes the transformation to a more connected and competitive digital enterprise.

Additionally, the 2020 State of DevOps Report found that, for the last 3 consecutive years, 79% of organizations have failed to progress to the more advanced stages of DevOps deployment. They struggle to build the internal self service platforms needed to automate and accelerate their continuous integration and deployment (CI/DC) pipelines.

To address this market need, GenRocket has built a TDA platform that enables Agile teams to fully automate and integrate the test data provisioning process into each Agile sprint and each testing stage of the CI/CD pipeline.

Now any tester can quickly and easily model their data environment, design synthetic test data for any test case objective, deploy the data directly into an automated testing environment and manage their test data designs in a shared repository for reuse across the organization.

The newly expanded version of GenRocket’s TDA solution provides powerful, yet easy to use, self service capabilities and intelligent automation of the full test data provisioning lifecycle.

Key elements of the new release include:

  • Test Data Epics, Stories and Cases: Design test data as part of an Agile process and generate any volume or variety of data to maximize coverage during automated test procedures.
  • Intelligent Data Migration: Deploy a single platform for combining queried production data with secure synthetic data to produce a blended test data subset to maximize the accuracy of testing.
  • Enterprise Scalability: Store thousands of test data projects in a shared repository that facilitates collaboration, version control, synchronized changes, and usage analytics.

“The World Quality Report tells us 69% of testers are still creating much of their test data with spreadsheets or waiting days and weeks for centrally provisioned production data,” noted Garth Rose, GenRocket Co-founder and CEO. “Our self service solution places test data provisioning directly in the hands of testers and allows them to design the exact data they need. It’s a win-win for increasing the quality and speed of testing.”

Accompanying the enterprise software release is a new 5-tier pricing plan that provides a cost-effective upgrade path for scaling the GenRocket TDA platform. As customers progress through each tier, the capacity of the system, in terms of the number of test data projects, data domains and users, expands as it delivers increasing functionality. The new enterprise software features help to advance Agile and DevOps evolution while the new pricing model allows customers to scale the platform gracefully.

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GenRocket is the leader in real-time synthetic Test Data Automation (TDA), high-performance technology for provisioning test data for Agile and DevOps environments. GenRocket’s patented, groundbreaking platform accelerates test data provisioning by more than 1,000% as it improves data quality and test coverage while reducing cost and ensuring data privacy. Headquartered in Ojai, California, GenRocket operates in global markets through a network of systems integration partners and has customers in more than 10 vertical markets including financial services, insurance and healthcare. For more information, visit

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