GenRocket Test Data Management

We Automate the Design of Synthetic Data

The Only Synthetic Data Platform That Combines:

  • Enterprise-Class Scalability
  • Dynamic Data Generation
  • Integration with any Test Environment
  • Value for Money

Automated Data Delivery in Any Volume, Variety, and Format

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Enterprise Scalability

Rapidly deploy Synthetic Data across the enterprise with centralized data modeling and distributed self-service.

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Dynamic Data

Replace static, copied production data with synthetic data that dynamically adapts to the application under test.

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CI/CD Integration

Integrate with any test automation tool, framework, or virtual test environment with any volume of synthetic data.

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Value for Money

Rack up cost reductions as you deploy. At 100 scrum teams, you can easily save $1M in labor costs and realize 1,000% ROI.

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The synthetic data platform chosen by 50 + of the Forbes Global 2000

Recommended by the world’s top global systems integrators

Maximize Test Coverage

Design Synthetic Data for Any Test Case

  • Realistic data
  • Negative data
  • Edge Case data
  • Unique data
  • All Permutations
  • Dates & Percentages
  • With Referential Integrity
  • Data Based on Rules & logic
  • Small to Huge Volume
  • Data for Complex Workflows
  • Machine Learning Data
  • X12 EDI Transaction Data

Minimize Cycle Time

Generate Test Data On-Demand

  • Rapid self-service test data provisioning
  • Fresh, secure, controlled data in real-time
  • Generate millions to billions of rows in minutes
  • Integrate into your CI/CD release pipeline

Real-World Customer Benefits

Real-World Customer Benefits
Cycle time reduction of
1400 hours

Increased coverage for SIT and performance from 30% to 80%

Test cycle time reduction of
more than 380 hours

Increased regression & API performance coverage from 0% to 70%.

Reduced test cycle time by
more than 200 hours

Increase component testing coverage from 0% to 50%

Data & Analytics (DNA)
Saved over 1300 hours during the
first 9 months of deployment

Increased regression coverage from 0% to 50%

Test Data Management - GenRocket

One of a Kind Test Data Automation Platform

GenRocket was awarded US patent #9,552,266 B2 for systems and methods for test data generation.

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