GenRocket Launches Distributed Self-Service Platform for Synthetic Test Data Automation

by admin on May 08, 2023

New platform combines the industry’s most extensive synthetic data generation functionality with production data masking and subsetting to create a single platform for any kind of test data provisioning

OJAI, CA – GenRocket, the leader in synthetic test data generation, today announced the launch of its distributed self-service platform for synthetic test data automation. GenRocket’s secure hybrid cloud environment enables a small team of test data engineers to efficiently model and design synthetic test data on behalf of globally distributed teams of developers and testers. A new self-service portal allows dev and test teams to search, retrieve, and request executable test data cases that are easily integrated with developer tools and testing frameworks in locally deployed CI/CD pipelines. GenRocket’s ability to fully automate the delivery of test data dramatically accelerates test cycle time, improves quality, and turbocharges team productivity.

“GenRocket is a paradigm shift for test data,” said Garth Rose, CEO of GenRocket. “The use of production data for testing has many drawbacks including limited data variety, data sensitivity, expensive data storage, and for large teams, data must be reserved and refreshed to preserve its integrity. Test Data Automation replaces all of these drawbacks with synthetic data that’s uniquely designed for each test case and generated during each test run. It delivers a fresh and accurate copy of the data required for any category of testing on-demand.”

GenRocket also offers synthetic data masking and intelligent data subsetting to create a single platform for provisioning any type of test data – generated synthetic data, masked production data, or even a blended test dataset. This allows customers to systematically manage a transition from costly and complex Test Data Management systems to the more flexible, dynamic, and powerful Test Data Automation paradigm.

“GenRocket eliminates the wait state associated with provisioning production test data or the laborious and time-consuming preparation of manually created test data,” said Mr. Rose. “Now dev and test teams can have dynamically generated test data that conforms to pre-defined rules that maximizes test coverage, a boost for the speed of software delivery and quality.”

With the deployment of a synthetic data Center of Excellence (CoE), a small team of GenRocket-certified Test Data Engineers can design test data cases, or G-Cases, for hundreds or thousands of developers and testers with easy access via a centrally located test data portal. G-Cases provide the blueprint that testers need to generate the precise volume and variety of synthetic test data required for continuous testing in their CI/CD pipelines. G-Cases are stored in G-Repository, GenRocket’s distributed repository that automatically updates and synchronizes G-Cases across the entire GenRocket ecosystem. Test Data Engineers can quickly design any volume, variety, and format of data by using GenRocket’s over 700 intelligent data generators and more than 100 output data formats to support data in formats such as SQL, NoSQL, CSV, VSAM, XML, JSON, PDF, JPEG, Kafka, SWIFT, REST API, Salesforce, X12 EDI, Parquet, Avro, AWS, GCP and Azure.

Team Permissions gives an organization administrator granular control over SSO, MFA and test data project access while G-Analytics provides a real time dashboard that visually shows the value metrics needed to measure continuous improvements in test coverage, cycle time reduction, and team productivity. GenRocket has documented the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and highest Return on Investment (ROI) for any test data provisioning platform in terms of software license fees, time and labor cost savings, and the reduction in software defects.

The GenRocket distributed self-service platform is a SaaS solution packaged and priced as premium, corporate, and enterprise editions with optional Solution Accelerators and Fast Start setup services. Training and support are provided for all levels and a comprehensive LMS-delivered educational program called Flight School streamlines the on-boarding and adoption process.

The GenRocket platform is recommended by more than 80% of the world’s top-rated systems integrators who have trained and certified staff ready to implement GenRocket via a scalable CoE deployment model.

GenRocket welcomes inquiries about its synthetic test data automation platform and is ready to make introductions to its global network of system integration partners.

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GenRocket is the leader in synthetic Test Data Automation, high-performance
technology for automating the design of synthetic data for software testing and machine learning requirements. GenRocket’s patented, groundbreaking platform accelerates test data provisioning by more than 1,000% as it improves data quality and test coverage while reducing cost and ensuring data privacy. Headquartered in Ojai, California, GenRocket operates in global markets through a network of systems integration partners and has customers in more than 14 vertical markets including financial services, insurance, and healthcare.

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