GenRocket’s Paradigm is the Future of Test Data Management

by admin on Jun 28, 2023

GenRocket recently announced a major upgrade to its Test Data Automation platform to provide a single self-service platform for provisioning any kind of test data – from subsetted and masked production data to generated synthetic data – enabling the automated delivery of test data into any CI/CD pipeline on demand.

Test Data Automation (TDA) represents a new paradigm that we believe represents the future of Test Data Management (TDM).

That’s because it delivers 3 powerful benefits to any quality engineering organization:

Reduce test data provisioning time from days to minutes with controlled and conditioned synthetic data generated on-demand.

Generate any variety of synthetic data: positive, negative, patterned, permutations, dynamic, stateful, edge case, rule-based, and more.

Deploy one self-service platform to automate the delivery of masked and subsetted production data or generated synthetic data in any structured or unstructured data format.

GenRocket The Future of TDM


GenRocket now offers the industry’s only synthetic data platform with true enterprise scalability, as evidenced by the capabilities listed below:

  • Design synthetic data for any test case
  • In any volume, variety or data format
  • Generated on-demand and in real-time
  • Support production data subsetting
  • Synthetic data masking & file masking
  • Scalable distributed self-service platform
  • Integrated into your DevOps ecosystem
  • Deployed on-prem or in the cloud

GenRocket CEO Garth Rose explains this paradigm shift in a new video we just posted to our home page. You can check it out by following the link below.

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