GenRocket Launches Distributed Self-Service Platform for Synthetic Test Data Automation

by admin on May 10, 2023

GenRocket, the leader in synthetic test data generation, today announced the launch of a new distributed self-service platform for synthetic test data automation. GenRocket’s secure hybrid cloud environment enables a small team of test data engineers to efficiently model and design synthetic test data on behalf of globally distributed teams of developers and testers.

A new self-service portal allows dev and test teams to search, retrieve, and request executable test data cases that are easily integrated with developer tools and testing frameworks in locally deployed CI/CD pipelines. GenRocket’s ability to fully automate the delivery of test data dramatically accelerates test cycle time, improves quality, and turbocharges team productivity.

GenRocket Distributed Self Service Platform

“GenRocket is a paradigm shift for test data,” said Garth Rose, CEO of GenRocket. “The use of production data for testing has many drawbacks including limited data variety, data sensitivity, expensive data storage, and for large teams, data must be reserved and refreshed to preserve its integrity. Test Data Automation replaces all of these drawbacks with synthetic data that’s uniquely designed for each test case and generated during each test run. It delivers a fresh and accurate copy of the data required for any category of testing on-demand.”

Benefits of Using GenRocket’s Distributed Self Service Model

Accelerated Provisioning of Test Data

  • Astonishing speed of synthetic test data provisioning – literally, from 3 to 5 days (the average time it takes from request to receipt for masked production data) to hours or minutes (data designed and generated using the GenRocket platform).

Reduced Cycle Time

  • Automated data delivery fully integrates into CI/CD pipeline, further reducing or eliminating waiting for test data.

Single Platform for Global Testing Needs

  • GenRocket combines the ability to generate any volume and variety of controlled and conditioned synthetic data with the option to copy, subset and synthetically mask production data. Now QE organizations can have the best of both worlds in a single platform.

Highest Value and ROI

  • Less expensive to own and operate than any other enterprise test data platform with more extensive capabilities and deployment flexibility to global dev and test teams.

This is an exciting development in the evolution of GenRocket. We’ve prepared a number of materials to help you better understand the power and scope of our new capabilities.

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